Delivery Information

Mailing method


We offer multiple shipping methods for every region of the world to ensure delivery without customs issues.


We send epacket for free by default, if you buy 2 or more watches at the same time, we will provide fast shipping services such as EMS or UPS, DHL for free.


Based on past experience, we draw the following conclusions:

epacket delivery time is about 30 days.

EMS delivery time is about 12 days.

UPS delivery time is about 10 days.

DHL delivery time is about 5 days.


We also have more other transportation methods. If the above methods are temporarily unavailable in your country, we will use some special line services as suggested by the logistics company.


Courier and Tracking


Track and trace courier services in all countries around the world.


EU direct sales


We can now safely ship to most EU countries without going through the UK and we will choose the safest and fastest way to deliver your order. You can save time and shipping. This option will not appear if you are in an unsafe country.


UK Cargo


For countries with strict customs policy, we strongly recommend you to use the UK Forwarding shipping method, your order will be shipped from China to the UK and then from the UK to your country, it may seem like a long process but it is shipping The safest way to get to EU countries.